Weekend Warriors

Last weekend, we had one of those jam-packed weekends that we used to have. It was alot of fun, but I was basically recovering from my weekend during most of my working week. Ahh to be young and carefree again.

It started Friday evening when we rented $3,000 Trek Madone road bikes. We both ride hybrids, and have been wondering how different it would be to ride a road bike. Well, the result was something like upgrading from a Ford Focus to a Ferrari. Anyway, with the bikes at home, we proceeded on to dinner with a friend.

We got home around midnight and then woke up at 6am on Saturday for a 40 mile round trip to Mt Vernon. The weather was perfect, and the bikes were amazing. I typically ride 10 miles an hour, and we got up to 25 miles, but probably kept a steady pace around 15. Like a sports car, the ride is not as smooth. So, during parts of the ride, the speed combined with relatively less capacity to absorb shocks  left my hands numb! For me, it was also cool to change postures from riding relatively upright to having my thighs parallel with the ground and really being able to keep a steady pace going uphills. Plus it was fun to reach my hands forward to get a lower grip on the handle bars. It was crazy to compare how this 40 mile ride felt compared to the 40 miles we rode on our anniversary. This ride was alot easier and faster, and when we returned home, we felt pretty good.  I basically felt like a bad ass on that bike! Since I rode my bike Mon-Fri, I rode 80 miles during the week. I felt proud of myself.Bottom line is that the Madone is an awesome bike, but probably too much bike for me. I don’t need to be riding the “Ferrari” of bikes on the packed VA trails.

Anyway, we got home from the ride, returned the bikes, showered, and met Lewis’ family in Maryland for lunch.

After, lunch we went home and took a nap! Of course I was dead tired but couldn’t really sleep and thumbed through a couple of magazine. After, our nap we headed out to DC around midnight for a party to welcome my long-lost roommate to DC for her weekend trip. It was great to see Laura after four years- she’s been living in Kenya and Mozambique. We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday with an all day bbq where we grilled, played frisbee, and just caught up with friends for most of the day.





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  1. Carol

    Sounded like fun!

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