The Biggest Different between Our Jobs

is the holiday party.

Lewis’ office celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and in doing so threw a lavish holiday bash. My small company can afford to spend roughly $3,000 on all social events. So, by the time the holiday party rolls around, this amounts to bar food, games, and 1 alcoholic beverage per person. Everyone wears jeans and shit talks each other over pool and shuffle board. On the other hand, Lewis’ company throws a party.

First, everyone gets dressed up.

Second, his company also had a fully open bar- I had a martini and long island ice tea. I know, you must be thinking, “who does that?” This girl.

Third, prizes. His company randomly selected names of staff to receive $1,000 checks. They gave out something like 24 of these. Nothing says I love you more than cold, hard cash. These cash prizes were in addition to the regular $250 gift certificates to Ruth Chris Steakhouse, 46″ flat screen tv, ipods, ipads, various games, and tickets to sporting events.

The forth major difference was  gambling- black jack, roulette, craps, and poker. I played roulette for the first time, and think it is a completely pointless game.

5th,  the after party. My colleagues organized an impromptu outing to the Black Cat in Washington DC for a late night of 80s dancing. Of course the company didn’t participate in this. Lewis’ company on the other hand continued the celebration at the bar with 4 rounds of shots (I abstained while Lewis, shall we say, indulged).




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One response to “The Biggest Different between Our Jobs

  1. Jen

    Sorry about roulette. You should try Texas Hold ‘Em- not a pointless game of chance, especially against shit-faced, slightly misogynistic engineers who are HORRIBLE at bluffing. 🙂 You would have had more fun.
    Well… until the after party anyway!

    I am always blown away by how much money John’s company spends on their parties. When I was a teacher a “holiday party” consisted of someone’s living room, pot-luck, and a keg. The life of public servants, ne?

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